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NH Youth Employment Certificate

There are two types of work permits* issued for children under the age of 18 in New Hampshire. One permit is for youth aged 12-15 years and the other is for youth aged 16-17. Please refer to the section below that is appropriate for your child’s age.

*These permits are only valid for employment in the State of New Hampshire. If your child will be working in another state, a work permit must be obtained from that state.

There are specific state and federal laws governing youth employment. For more information, please see the Additional Resources listed at the bottom of this page.
Youth Aged 12-15 Years

    Youth aged 12 – 15 must acquire working papers (employment certificate) no later than the first 3 days of employment. However, the recommendation is that you obtain them prior to beginning work. You can only obtain working papers AFTER a job has been secured. You must obtain new working papers for each job obtained up until age 16.

    The State of New Hampshire and Littleton School District require that students seeking working papers meet and maintain academic eligibility as described in the Co-Curricular Program Expectations of our Student/Parent Handbook. This means that the student must be passing all of their classes or their employment certificate may be revoked.
How do I get a work permit?
1.    Secure Employment (an employer must agree to hire you). This is because employment certificates are issued specific to the employer.
2.    The following forms must be completed and returned to the Guidance Office.
* A copy of the youth’s birth certificate or other official proof of age (e.g., passport) must accompany the application when the Employment Certificate is being issued. Current Littleton High School and Daisy Bronson Middle School students do not need to provide this proof because we already have it on file.
3.    Sign the Employment Certificate. The student and their parent/legal guardian must come to the school during office hours (PLAN AHEAD!) to sign the Youth Employment Certificate. The parent/legal guardian must be physically present at time of issue because the NH Department of Labor requires that both parent and student signatures be witnessed by the issuing officer.
Once the NH Youth Employment Certificate has been issued, it will be provided to the youth to hand-carry to their employer or, if requested, we will mail the form to the employer.
Youth Aged 16 or 17 Years
    Youth aged 16 or 17 do not need working papers, but they do need a Parental Permission Form signed by a parent or legal guardian and provided to the employer. This form must be completed for each job obtained until the youth turns 18 years old. This process is not required for youth under age 18 only if the youth has obtained their high school diploma or general equivalency (HiSET).

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