Food Service

A regular hot lunch and a variety of foods a la carte is offered daily to every student. Cold milk is also available. A reduced-priced/free hot lunch program is available to any family meeting the financial guidelines established by the Federal Government. For information please contact the L.H.S. cafeteria at 444-5601, ext. 204.

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Lunch Expectations for Students

  • Students will be respectful of other students.
  • Low voices are required.
  • Students will direct problems and requests to the teacher(s) on duty.
  • Food and drinks should not be taken out of the cafeteria – so plan your time accordingly.
  • Lunchtime is a time to relax, replenish, enjoy, and socialize in an appropriate way.
  • Only school lunch personnel or personnel directly involved with school lunch are allowed in the food preparation area of the kitchen. The rule must be enforced for safety and sanitation reasons.
  • Each student is responsible for keeping the cafeteria in a neat condition by disposing of all litter in the proper receptacle.
  • Lunch Express numbers must be used for all purchases in the cafeteria.
  • School lunch prices are subject to change.
  • Students are expected to stay in the lunchroom during lunch period.
  • Students needing to leave the cafeteria may do so only with an authorized hall pass with the exception of scheduled meetings.

School Reopening Updates for Littleton School District

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information/Updates for Littleton School District