Health Services


Health services are provided to help students achieve and maintain a high level of personal health. The high school nurse is a resource person who is available for health counseling and parent and teacher conferences.

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION TO BE TAKEN DURING THE SCHOOL DAY WILL BE ADMINISTERED BY THE SCHOOL NURSE ONLY WITH PARENT PERMISSION AND PHYSICIAN’S WRITTEN ORDER. In some cases, i.e. field trips, the principal’s designee will be assigned to administer medications. All medication must be in the original labeled container.

Over-the-counter medications will be given only with parental permission. Certain stock medications will be kept in the Health Office. Permission slips will be sent home at the beginning of each school year which should be completed by the parent/guardian and returned to the School Nurse the first week of school to ensure proper alert warnings are posted on the school’s student database.

Staff and students are to notify the school nurse if an injury occurs at school.

The school is responsible for emergency treatment only. In case of accident or injury requiring further medical attention, parents will be notified immediately. If unable to reach a parent, the school officials will take whatever action is deemed necessary for the health and safety of the child.


Every student is offered low cost accident insurance as a school service. The policy may be written for the school day coverage or 24-hour coverage. It is strongly suggested that any student participating in co-curricular activities, which includes extended field trips, be covered by this policy or by family insurance. Insurance claim forms are available in the Nurse’s Office. Any 9-12 student participating in Technical Education, Building Trades, or Auto Mechanics must show proof of insurance to continue in the program.

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