Science Department

Janin Eddy

Littleton Academy Science Teacher

Samantha Jewell

DBMS/LHS Science Teacher

Vanessa Sandvil

LHS Science Teacher

Kate Verfaillie

LHS Science Teacher

Science Course Offerings (See Program of Studies for course descriptions)
Advanced Chemistry Environmental Science
Science Skill Building
Biology CP Human Anatomy & Physiology Science 7
Biology Physical Science Science 8
Chemistry CP Physics CP
Science Competencies
Description of Competency
Nature of Science & Engineering
Nature of Science & Engineering
Plan, conduct, and communicate about investigations.
N, S, & E Indicator 1
Plan and conduct investigations
N, S, & E Indicator 2
Communicate about investigations
Recognize, explain, mathematically represent, and analyze patterns and relationships.
Patterns Indicator 1
Recognize and explain patterns
Patterns Indicator 2
Mathematically represent patterns
Patterns Indicator 3
Analyze relationships
Cause & Effect
Determine, evaluate, and predict relationships.
Cause & Effect Indicator 1
Determine relationships
Cause & Effect Indicator 2
Predict and evaluate relationships
Scale, Proportion, & Quantity
Create mathematical representations to model relationships.
S, P, & Q Indicator 1
Create mathematical representations
S, P, & Q Indicator 2
Model relationships
Structure & Function
Investigate system structures and properties in order to explain interconnectedness.
Structure & Function Indicator 1
Investigate systems and their structures
Structure & Function Indicator 2
Explain the interconnectedness of system properties
Systems & Models
Investigate, analyze, develop, and evaluate systems and system models.
Systems & Models Indicator 1
Investigate and analyze systems
Systems & Models Indicator 2
Develop and evaluate system models
Energy & Matter
Recognize and describe energy to analyze and eveluate system flows.
Energy & Matter Indicator 1
Recognize and describe energy
Energy & Matter Indicator 2
Analyze and evaluate system flows
Stability & Change
Recognize changes over time and describe feedback mechanism to determine interconnectedness.
Stability & Change Indicator 1
Recognize changes over time
Stability & Change Indicator 2
Describe feedback mechanisms
Stability & Change Indicator 3
Determine interconnectedness

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