Science Department

Calsea Bryer
LHS Science Teacher

Janin Eddy

Littleton Academy Science Teacher

Samantha Jewell

DBMS/LHS Science Teacher

Kate Verfaillie

LHS Science Teacher

Science Course Offerings (See Program of Studies for course descriptions)
Advanced Chemistry Environmental Science
Science Skill Building
Biology CP Human Anatomy & Physiology Science 7
Biology Physical Science Science 8
Chemistry CP Physics CP
Science Competencies
Description of Competency
Nature of Science & Engineering
Nature of Science & Engineering
Plan, conduct, and communicate about investigations.
N, S, & E Indicator 1
Plan and conduct investigations
N, S, & E Indicator 2
Communicate about investigations
Recognize, explain, mathematically represent, and analyze patterns and relationships.
Patterns Indicator 1
Recognize and explain patterns
Patterns Indicator 2
Mathematically represent patterns
Patterns Indicator 3
Analyze relationships
Cause & Effect
Determine, evaluate, and predict relationships.
Cause & Effect Indicator 1
Determine relationships
Cause & Effect Indicator 2
Predict and evaluate relationships
Scale, Proportion, & Quantity
Create mathematical representations to model relationships.
S, P, & Q Indicator 1
Create mathematical representations
S, P, & Q Indicator 2
Model relationships
Structure & Function
Investigate system structures and properties in order to explain interconnectedness.
Structure & Function Indicator 1
Investigate systems and their structures
Structure & Function Indicator 2
Explain the interconnectedness of system properties
Systems & Models
Investigate, analyze, develop, and evaluate systems and system models.
Systems & Models Indicator 1
Investigate and analyze systems
Systems & Models Indicator 2
Develop and evaluate system models
Energy & Matter
Recognize and describe energy to analyze and eveluate system flows.
Energy & Matter Indicator 1
Recognize and describe energy
Energy & Matter Indicator 2
Analyze and evaluate system flows
Stability & Change
Recognize changes over time and describe feedback mechanism to determine interconnectedness.
Stability & Change Indicator 1
Recognize changes over time
Stability & Change Indicator 2
Describe feedback mechanisms
Stability & Change Indicator 3
Determine interconnectedness

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